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pilipuppets's Journal

Pili & puppets lovers
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Community for puppets lovers, espescially PILI from Taiwan

I finally decided to open a community about Pili puppets. ^^

I'll try to hold it in ENGLISH, FRENCH and a bit later CHINESE.

As my english isn't fluent, your help is welcome !!! ^^

Here you will find and post everything about the show : characters data translations, fanarts, photo manips, what you like about the show...
But also informations about Taiwanese culture throught the traditionals puppets, and informations about puppets and puppeteer around the world.

In the firt time, the community will be locked for members only and only me can post (except for fanarts and photomanips), because i don't know yet how to organize everything. >_<
later, i'll open it to everyone.

-culture & tradition :
I'm collecting informations all over the web.
for an existing subject, you can add your link by replying to the post.
for suggesting a subject, you can post in the suggestion thread.

subjetc :
source link :
the first sentence of your extract

- Pili characters data translations :
I'll choose few characters per post, you can reply with translations, comments and pictures about them.

- Pili fanarts, puppet pictures, cosplay and photomanips:
you are free to post here.
- subject/character name :
- technique used:
- artist name
- link
- rating
please put your picture in a cut, you can add a preview image if you like.
please resize the picture if it's larger than 600px width.

Feel free to contact me by private message for anything about the community ;)
Thank you !!!!!!!!
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